PSLA 2011 Resource Page

Thanks so much for visiting with me at the eReadia booth this year at PSLA! I hope you found the demonstrations of ereaders and digital resources helpful! If you have any additional questions, please use the Contact page and send them to me.

Many of you requested copies of the poetry books we have created at eReadia. Here are the links for downloading the copies that you want. Grab the Kindle file and email it to your Kindle email address to have it added wirelessly to your Kindle, or save it to your computer, connect the Kindle with the USB cord, and drag it into the “documents” folder on the Kindle. Nook users follow suit: save the ePub file to the computer, connect the Nook, and drag the file onto the device. iPad users can save the file and import it into iTunes, or navigate to this page with your iPad and click the ePub button. If you have iBooks or any other ePub reader installed on your iPad, you will be invited to open the file in that reader. Enjoy!

Robert Frost, North of Boston

One of my favorite collections of Frost’s poetry; it includes “The Pasture” and “Mending Wall.” The book was first published in 1914.

Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson

Poems selected from the first volumes of Emily Dickinson’s works ever published. I have added study questions and writing prompts for students if you wish to use the volume instructionally.

Free Accounts

Many of you requested free trial accounts at our two e-book building websites: eReadUps, where you can create reference books from open source articles from Wikipedia and other sites; and thewriterhood, where you can e-publish your own custom work, everything from a novel to a custom collection of readings for your students. Both sites have brief intro videos to explain how each works. Please go to either site or both sites and create an account for yourself without paying, then email me (willd at ereadia dot com) and I will upgrade you to the full version for free.

Please use the Contact Us page on this site to send other questions and requests!