About Mobile Apps

With the completion of the AppCreatorPro web publishing tool in mid-2011, eReadia offers a service for individuals, organizations, and businesses that want to publish custom content to a wide range of mobile devices.

With the mobile web exploding, businesses and organizations are faced with several choices for establishing a presence on mobile devices:

1. Create a mobile version of an existing website. Advantages? This approach requires the least rethinking of existing content and the least reformatting of existing pages. Disadvantages? This process can be costly if done through the current web designer, often $5000 to $10,000. In addition, mobilizing a website meant to be viewed on a full desktop or laptop screen fails to address the specific needs of the mobile user.

2. Create a native mobile app for each mobile platform. Advantages? Native apps can take full advantage of whatever phone they are installed on, meaning the app can connect with the camera and other phone features. Native apps offer the ability to operate to some extent without a connection, and they offer rich graphics. Disadvantages? Cost. Native apps can cost five and six figures for programming. Even more, the app must be coded separately for each platform it is to run on, iOS, Android, webOS, Windows, and so forth.

3. Create a mobile web app. Advantages? Cost. Using modern mobile toolkits or a publishing platform like AppCreatorPro(tm), mobile web apps can be deployed for a fraction of the cost of a native app. Mobile web apps use the phone’s browser to display resources in a fully mobilized way, which means that mobile web apps run on all major platforms with no additional programming. Mobile web apps are also easily updated, so that businesses can add incentives at any time. Disadvantages? Mobile web apps have limited functionality when the device is offline. Bandwidth can affect the performance of mobile web apps (as it affects to some extent the performance of any app that uses an internet connection).

At eReadia and AppCreatorPro, we build mobile web apps on a platform designed for user convenience and full app functionality. Learn more here.