PAISBIOA Partners with Us for School Emergency Guides

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paisboa_logoPAISBOA, a regional association of Independent Schools Business Officers, and eReadia LLC, the creators of the Just in Case family of emergency and crisis intervention apps for schools and colleges, announce their partnership to provide Mobile School Emergency Response Guides to its member schools in Pennsylvania.

In a recent email to members, PAISBOA said:

Surveys consistently reflect that one of the top 3 reasons that parents send their kids to Independent Schools is the safety and security they provide. This area has been a priority in PAISBOA’s search for effective agreements that help support this objective. And so when we discovered the eReadia School Emergency Guide mobile web  APP, being used in the College and University market, we knew we were onto something.

eReadia offers a service to schools which takes the existing print binder or flipchart emergency procedures guide and reformats it for digital delivery as a mobile web app that launches on any smartphone or tablet, and provides live phone, email, and sms (text message) buttons so that users can easily make contact during a crisis. This puts the school’s Emergency Response Guide into the hands of all Teachers and Staff, so that emergency instructions and contact information can be accessed and used anywhere, anytime. The publishing platform that eReadia developed for this purpose is highly flexible and customizable, and reasonably priced on an annual subscription basis that is affordable by even small schools. By publishing to the mobile web, administrators will no longer struggle to maintain the costly flipcharts and manuals in every classroom, as the mobile guide provides for always-current information.

The app was introduced to the PAISBOA membership at its annual meeting in Philadelphia on April 30, 2014.

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